Why Blogging is So Essential for Your Business

Why Blogging is So Essential for Your Business

Blogging is not an option for any business these days; it is an absolute essential.  It is an integral part of your business’s content marketing strategy.  And like social media, it is not an option, whether you’re a small business or large.  Here are some the reasons why:

  • Blogging drives traffic to your website
  • Blogging works with social media to build your following and benefits your SEO
  • Blogging helps convert website traffic into leads
  • Blogging helps position your brand as an industry leader

Driving Content to Your Website

A typical website doesn’t really have a large number of pages.  You might have an “About Us” page, products or services page, a contact page, etc.  And how often can you really update these pages?  Not all that often.  With each blog post, you’re creating one more page for your site.  That one more page can then be indexed, which means one more opportunity to show up in search engines to drive traffic to your site.

Working with Social Media

Blogging is beneficial to your social media and helps you become more discoverable.  Each time you write a new blog post, you’re simultaneously creating content for your social profiles that can be posted and shared.  And sharing exposes your business to a wider audience that doesn’t yet know you.  It also helps keep your social media presence fresh and ongoing.

As you build your content library and post your content to your social profiles, you strengthen your social reach.  In turn, this drives traffic to your website’s blog, which means more potential business for your bottom line.  Your blog and social media work together, hand in hand, like that.  And as your great content gets shared more and more through your social channels, it gives your business a solid boost to your SEO, making you more discoverable through search engines as well.

Converting Traffic to Leads

Now that you’ve decided to start blogging and drive traffic to your website, the next step is to convert that traffic into leads.  And just like each blog post equals another indexed page on search engines, it also equals a new opportunity to generate leads.  The way to generate leads is simply to add a call-to-action to each blog post.  Your call-to-action can be a free e-newsletter signup, a free e-book, free fact sheets, free webinars, etc.

Whatever you choose as your call-to-action, you want to give your visitor something of value to them in exchange for their information.  This is how you turn traffic to your blog posts into leads for your sales team.  Just remember, not every visitor will turn into a lead, and that’s perfectly okay.  You simply need to start blogging, add calls-to-action to each post, set a visitor-to-lead conversion rate benchmark for yourself, and work on improving it each month.

Positioning Your Brand as an Industry Leader

The type of content you want to create on your blog should answer common questions your leads and customers have.  And as you consistently create helpful content for your audience, you begin to establish yourself as an industry leader in their eyes.  This benefits your business in several ways.

  1. Builds rapport. As your prospects find answers to questions they have through your blog posts, they are more likely to enter the sales process, trusting what you have to say because you’ve helped them in the past, and this took place even before they considered buying from you.
  2. Increases conversion rates. Prospects reading your blog posts become more educated about your company, industry, and products and services you have to offer.  This makes your sales conversion process much more productive than if they were to not know anything at all about you.
  3. Builds a repository of answers. When your sales team encounters questions that require an in-depth answer, they now have answers they can draw from through your blog.  Providing assistance by printing out or emailing an archived blog post better positions your sales team as a helpful resource in the eyes of your prospects.


So how often should you be blogging?  You should be writing a new blog post at least once a week.  Not only does this provide fresh content for your readers to read and share, it drives potential customers to your website, builds a library of knowledge, enhances your social media presence, and is essential for SEO.   And where you rank in search engines does matter.  One of the most effective ways to increase your search engine rankings is to consistently add unique, high quality content through blogging.  And if you’re doing this at least once a week, you’re adding at least 52 pages of opportunity a year!

Did I miss something?  Feel free to add your comments below.

Happy blogging!


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