Evaluating Top Cold Email Campaign Tools: My Personal Journey

A solid cold email campaign is known to yield an impressive average ROI of 3,800%, standing out as a top method for engaging prospects. However, achieving these outstanding results demands the correct strategy. Manually managing such emails can be time-consuming for sales experts, making cold email software a valuable asset.  That’s where selecting a solid cold email outreach tool comes in.  

For me, I wanted a tool that:

  1. Worked well with a free Gmail account:
  2. Was easy to set up and run:
  3. Was easy to track results.

From my personal experience and a drive to identify the best, I tested three leading cold email marketing tools.  Here’s a look into my findings for “Right Inbox,” “Yesware,” and “Mailmeteor” and their roles in effective cold email campaigns.

Cold Email Campaign Tool #1:  Right Inbox

“Right Inbox” is supposedly built to work well with common email systems, including Gmail.

Main Features of “Right Inbox”:

  • Scheduled Sending: Plan your emails to send at the best time, no matter where your audience is.
  • Email Reminders: Never forget to follow up. “Right Inbox” reminds you.
  • Email Tracking: See how your emails are doing. Know who’s opening them and when.
  • Templates: Use templates to send consistent, quick emails.
  • Sequences: Set up emails to send automatically based on what the user does.

Why Choose “Right Inbox”?

  • Saves Time: Features like planning sends and using templates make things quicker.
  • Better Decisions: Using the tracking info, you can make smarter choices for your emails.
  • Connects Better: With timely and tailored emails, people are more likely to engage.
  • Good Price: “Right Inbox” offers a lot without breaking the bank.

How Does “Right Inbox” Rank?

In my experience, this was the absolute WORST of the three.  While it was easy to set up an email sequence, and the sequences went out as scheduled, it had a MAJOR FLAW!

After the initial email went out, for some reason, I checked in on the links I included in my campaign.  What did I find?  Somehow on the backend, the links became corrupted and rerouted to phishing websites.  I could not believe my eyes.  To say I was pissed would be an understatement.  Fortunately, because I was in the early stages of developing my campaigns, I only sent out a test campaign, so no potential customers were affected.

My Rating:  STAY AWAY FROM RIGHT INBOX!  It’s less than zero!  I had a paid subscription, and fortunately, they refunded me in full because of my experience.

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Cold Email Campaign Tool #2:  Yesware

What is “Yesware”?

“Yesware” supposedly isn’t just another email tool. It’s an all-in-one solution that works hand-in-hand with your email system to make your outreach better, save you time, and give you helpful insights about your emails.

Main Features of “Yesware”:

  • Email Tracking: Know immediately when someone opens your emails.
  • Templates and Personalization: Use ready-made templates and customize them for each person you’re emailing.
  • Send Later: Choose the best times to send your emails so more people see them.
  • CRM Integration: “Yesware” connects smoothly with big CRM systems, keeping your contact info up-to-date.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Check out how well your emails are doing and learn what you can do better.

Why Use “Yesware”?

  • Save Time: With ready-to-use templates and easy CRM connections, you can focus more on your message.
  • Make Informed Choices: Use the data dashboard to make your emails even better over time.
  • Better Engagement: With customized messages and smart sending times, more people will interact with your emails.
  • Flexible for All: Whether you’re working alone or in a big team, “Yesware” fits the bill.

How Does “Yesware” Rank?

Well, creating an email campaign is not the easiest, and I had a hard time finding any guidance on how to set anything up that’s current on YouTube.  After setting up my first campaign, the campaigns did not go out as scheduled at all on the trial version.  I found this to be a poor business decision on Yesware’s part.  If you want someone to like and use your product, make sure there are plenty of updated tutorials somewhere.  And if you really want to sell your product, make sure everything works on the free trial version.  If it doesn’t work properly there, it’s hard to see the value in upgrading to a paid subscription.

My Rating:  Meh.  Not impressed.  It did work okay with Gmail, but I recommend looking “elseware”.

Build Your Email List Faster with Lead Magnet FunnelsCold Email Campaign Tool #3:  Mailmeteor

Email marketing is a crowded field, with many brands trying to get noticed. It’s not enough to just reach a lot of people; you need to connect with them personally. That’s where “Mailmeteor” comes in, offering a fresh way to tackle email campaigns.

What is “Mailmeteor”?

“Mailmeteor” isn’t just another email tool. It’s a smart platform made for those who see the real value of tailoring messages. It works smoothly with Google Workspace, helping you send emails that mix both wide reach and a personal touch.

Main Features of “Mailmeteor”:

  • Mass Personalization: Send lots of emails that still feel like they’re just for one person.
  • Works with Google: Use Google Sheets directly, making managing campaigns easier and more straightforward.
  • Tracking & Insights: Know how well your emails are doing and use this info to do even better.
  • Templates & Your Own Designs: Start with ready templates or make your own to match your brand’s look.
  • Privacy First: “Mailmeteor” takes care to keep user data safe and private.

Why “Mailmeteor” Stands Out:

  • Easy Workflow: Working with Google Workspace makes everything flow smoothly without switching between lots of tools.
  • Reaches Inboxes: “Mailmeteor” ensures most of your emails get to the main inbox, not the spam folder.
  • Good Value: Different pricing options mean you’ll likely find a plan that fits your budget.
  • Simple to Use: Even if you’re new to this, “Mailmeteor” is easy to get the hang of.

How Does “Mailmeteor” Rank?

“Mailmeteor” shines because it works so well with Google Workspace and focuses on tailored messaging. It’s perfect for those who want advanced email features without any fuss.  It even works great with the free version of Gmail!

Cold Email Campaigns | Mailmeteor Campaign Stats | Email Marketing Dashboard Stats| Dianne Robbins Social

Campaigns are very easy to set up, emails go out on time, and tracking and reporting are phenomenal.  PLUS… there are plenty of great tutorials on YouTube if you get stuck.

My Rating:  A solid 10!  I recommend the paid subscription on this one.  You won’t regret it!

In Conclusion

Choosing the right email marketing tool is vital. I thoroughly evaluated three options: “Right Inbox,” “Yesware,” and “Mailmeteor.” Both “Right Inbox” and “Yesware” fell short of their promises: “Right Inbox” had serious link issues, while “Yesware” was not user-friendly and lacked proper guidance. On the other hand, “Mailmeteor” not only met but exceeded expectations with its functionality and user experience. Without a doubt, “Mailmeteor” is my top pick.

If you want a tool that seamlessly integrates with Gmail, provides comprehensive tracking, and is easy to use, then “Mailmeteor” is the clear choice. It’s all about picking a tool that genuinely helps you engage with your audience effectively, and “Mailmeteor” delivers on that promise.

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