Digital Advertising

Digital Ads – Calls and Visits

  • Fully managed programmatic Digital Ads campaigns. 
  • Drive store visits, calls, texts & form fills for your business.
  • Guaranteed Facebook reach, proof of performance and ROI reporting.

It’s more than just impressions & clicks—it’s new customers

You don’t use digital advertising to get impressions and clicks—you use it to bring more customers to your business.

Our solution targets the right people in the right places at the right time. More specifically, we promote your business on popular sites like Facebook and Google, and we target only the best opportunities like your competitors’ customers and other people nearby. To top it all off, we’ll give you a monthly report that shows you the phone calls, store visits, and campaign revenue that we’ve generated for you.

Smart exposure: Our solution uses the most advanced advertising technologies to promote your business to the right people at the right time, including competitors’ customers, people nearby, recent website visitors, past customers, and more.
Real world results: Our monthly reports don’t just show impressions and clicks—these reports show the results that matter: phone calls and store visits. No more wondering whether your marketing dollars are providing you with a return on your investment.
No effort required: Our experienced digital advertising professionals will take care of all the heavy lifting for you. This includes creating and publishing ads, targeting users, building landing pages, generating revenue reports, and more!
Reliable: With long-standing relationships with ad partners like Google and Facebook, we will always be on the cutting-edge of digital advertising technology.



Where will my business be advertised?

You will be advertised on the following platforms:

  1. Search advertising via Google AdWords—the ads that appear at the very top of Google search results.
  2. Social advertising via Facebook—the ads that appear in the Facebook News Feed. 

I’m already doing some online marketing like social media and I have a website, why do I need to do anything else?

“If we build it, they will come” does not always hold true, especially online. So much information is competing online for people’s attention. The key to success is to be there for the right person at the right time. When you use Digital Advertising you accomplish just this, and your existing online efforts like your website and social media are far more effective for it. When all of the pieces work together, that’s when you see real business results.


How will we be able to know that our Digital Advertising is working and delivering real results?

We will provide you with regularly scheduled, easy to read, reports that are focused on real results for your business, phone calls and new customers through the door.

What do you need from me on an ongoing basis?

Any information that you can provide about special promotions you are running that we can feature could be helpful to us in creating a winning campaign.