How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Timing & Key Dates

How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Timing & Key Dates

Did you know that 80% of marketers consider engagement the most important metric for measuring social media success?  Engagement, the interaction between people and brands on social media, means your audience knows, likes, and trusts you.   At its core, this is how successful content marketers help fuel your sales.  An engaged audience on social media builds a community of fans for your brand.

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One of the many ways to engage with your audience on social media is to provide content that focuses on your special events and holidays.  By focusing on these key dates, your brand positions itself as being consistently relevant while keeping variety as part of your content strategy.  This relevance and variety leads to increased engagement and reach.   In order for this part of your strategy to be effective and allow yourself enough time to produce the quality content that goes along with it, you’ll need to do some advanced planning.  So…

Let’s start with your social media calendar.

A social media calendar is a tool you use to help you visualize all of your regularly planned posts for the coming weeks and months ahead.  It helps you craft your posts in advance so that you always have something well thought out and ready to share. It also provides you with a place to map out your year of upcoming special events and holidays.  You can use an Excel spreadsheet, a word document, Google calendar, or an appointment book/planner.  There are also social media automation platforms you can use.  Find what works best for you and that you feel most comfortable with.  

It’s a best practice to plan ahead for the holidays and special events so that:

  1.  You can make sure not to miss any of them, and
  2. You can create as much excitement and opportunities around them as possible. 

My suggestion to you is to create posts for your special events and holidays as soon as you can.  By doing this, you’ll diminish the risks of forgetting or missing one.  Plus, your content will be of higher quality given the good amount of time you have to give thought to and create them.  

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Examples of special events you might want to consider include:

  1.  Holidays, especially the ones most relevant to your industry,
  2. Your product launches,
  3. Special announcements.

Did you know that there are websites out there that can help you identify fun and industry-specific holidays for free?  Here are two:

  2. Today in History section of

Here’s an example of a holiday campaign.

Let’s say that you have a real estate company.  One of the things you’ve identified as important is giving back to your community.  You design a holiday campaign to drive donations for toys for underprivileged children for Christmas.  Part of your campaign may include a series of blog posts targeting previous donors.  You may decide to supplement this campaign with pictures and videos of your staff and volunteers receiving toys from last year’s drive.  

Coordinating your efforts requires time – time to plan, to map out how everything will take place and in what sequence.  It’s important to identify how much time you’ll need for developing campaign content, decide when you’ll release your campaign, and the length of time your campaign will need to be completely carried out.  Make sure you factor in any staffing requirements, training, and technology, too. 

  1. Who will be monitoring your social media and interacting with your audience? 
  2. Who will be answering questions and addressing potential concerns? 

Make sure you have all the necessary resources available to carry out your campaigns as designed on time and on budget.

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You’re going to want to measure the success of any campaign that goes live.  One metric you might use in this case would be the dollar amount of donations you’ve received.  Are you on target?  Do you need to do more?  Is there something that needs to be changed?  Consider how often you’ll need reports.  Will you be checking your progress weekly or monthly?  Quarterly?  Semi-annually?  Give yourself enough time to not only gather the necessary data, but also to put together a complete and thoughtful analysis of your campaign’s results. 

Other considerations.

In addition to identifying external events for your social media campaigns, you want to look at what goes on within your organization as well.  Do you have award ceremonies or company volunteer events?  Your audience will love, love, love seeing the inner workings of your business and what goes on there.  Create the content and give it to them!  This is a great opportunity to engage your audience and build your brand!  

Follow the same process when developing social media campaigns for your internal activities as you do for your public activities.  This will ensure that you have plenty of time to put everything together and have enough support to get the job done and done successfully. 

As a social media specialist, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning and creating your content in advance, and including key dates and holidays to promote and engage.  The last thing you want to do is to wait until a particular holiday pops up in your social media feed or your special event is only a week away.  You don’t want to be left scrambling and putting together a haphazard post or group of them.  

Remember:  An opportunity lost can never be regained.  Use your social media calendar to create a thoughtful, proactive plan to engage with your audience throughout the year to build your community and your brand.

Have anything you’d like to add here?  Go ahead and leave a comment below.  Thanks!

Here’s to your success…


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