When You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager

When You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager

With ever-changing algorithms and new social media platforms frequently popping up, running a business and managing a successful social media presence can seem overwhelming for a lot of business owners at times.

And even though the casual user of Facebook or Twitter can set up an account for you and start posting, what about designing a strategy that drives traffic to your website and generating leads?  What about the customer service aspect of social media?  And what about maintaining a consistent voice across your social channels and using social media to build your brand?

These are the areas that an experienced social media manager can help you with.  But how do you know when it’s time to stop doing your own social media?  For someone else to jump in and take over?

Here are the six telltale signs you need to stop doing your own social media management and hire a professional.

Sign #1:  You’re neglecting your revenue-generating activities to manage your social media.

This is usually the number one reason business owners finally decide that it’s time for a social media manager to take over.  After taking the time to set up social media accounts and managing them for awhile, business owners soon realize that the time they need to spend generating revenue is being neglected.  And when you see that you’re forfeiting income to manage your social accounts, hiring someone becomes a no-brainer.  If you value your time at $100 an hour, hiring someone at $50 an hour who’s passionate about and experienced in social media is the logical choice.

Sign #2:  You have little to no digital marketing knowledge.

There are those who assume that if you know how to use social media, then you must be good at social media management.  Heck, if your teenage son or daughter can do it, then anyone can, right?

Well, there’s more to the job of social media management than simply posting pictures on Facebook, pinning pins to Pinterest, and tweeting links to your blog on Twitter.  For social media marketing to be a success, the person you put in charge ideally has a very strong understanding of:

  1. Social media audits;
  2. Competitive analysis;
  3. Monitoring for brand mentions;
  4. Scheduling tools and software;
  5. Marketing and advertising for paid ad campaigns;
  6. Analytics and reporting;
  7. Customer service.

Your social media manager should have strong writing skills and a clear understanding of how what they do fits into your marketing strategy.  They should also understand how social media contributes to your overall business goals.

Sign #3:  You don’t know what social media strategy is.

If you don’t know what social media strategy is or don’t think that a social media strategy is necessary, it’s time to hire a professional.

A social media manager understands the importance of strategy and how to create one that benefits your bottom line.  They understand marketing funnels, how to choose the right platforms, and how to use social media in a manner that lines up with your overall business goals.  They make sure that your social media is used in a manner that protects and builds your brand.

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Sign #4:  You’re no longer enjoying your social media.

Authenticity and transparency go a long way in social media marketing.  It’s important. Your audience wants to know that there are real, trustworthy, caring people behind those accounts.  And if social media becomes a chore to you, a necessary evil, it will certainly show in your interactions with your audience.   That’s not good.  So if you’re feeling bored, annoyed, or any other negative feeling when it comes to interacting with your audience on social media, it might be a good time to hand the reins over to someone else.  Finding someone who has a real passion for social media may be just the ticket you need for an authentic advocate for your brand.

Sign #5:  You’re too busy to monitor and manage your social media consistently.

Running a business is a huge responsibility.  It comes with tons of things to do on top of your social media activity.  Often, all of these responsibilities can feel overwhelming.  Social media requires consistency.  If you’re not consistent, your following will never grow, questions get left unanswered, and those that do follow you will become bored and find somewhere else to go.  This means a loss in potential business.  You work too hard for that to happen.  Now, I understand it can be difficult to accept that you need to add someone to your payroll to keep things moving forward, but you need to do it.  You can’t do everything alone!

Sign #6:  You’re unable to keep up with trends.

Social media constantly changes.  New social media platforms and tools emerge, algorithms change, and strategies that once worked need readjustment.  It’s even difficult for social media specialists to keep up.  You need to stay on top of industry reports and research, attend conferences and workshops, and network with other professionals in the field.  Do you really have time for all of that?

This is where social media professionals are at their best – keeping up with the trends.  And it’s important for them to know what’s changing so they can make sure your business keeps up with the times, too!

So what do you think?  Did I miss something here?  Go ahead and leave a comment below!

Here’s to your success…


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